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Let Everyone Have The Opportunity To Enjoy High-quality Higher Education.

Let everyone have the opportunity to enjoy high-quality higher education.

To provide an internationally recognized Master of Business Administration (MBA) and Doctor of Management (DM) degree education, and provide customized and online education services for enterprises and institutions to meet the needs of various industries for high-quality talents in management, finance,and others.

— About Us —

The full name of THH Zhidao Education is THH (Tsinghua Holdings) Zhidao (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd.. It’s parent company, THH Daokou Caifu Technology (Beijing) Co. Ltd. was established in July 2015 with the approval of Tsinghua University and received strategic investments from a well-known international fund in December of the same year. The company is headquartered in Shuangqing Building, TusPark, Beijing, and also has service centers in major cities, such as Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xi'an.

As the online higher education brand of Tsinghua Holdings, the mission of Zhidao Education is Making quality higher education more accessible to the public through innovative education technology". Zhidao Education makes full use of the discipline advantages of world-renowned universities, and cooperates with them in research and development with an international vision and a systematic curriculum of localized thinking. At the same time, it gathers domestic and foreign academic practical experts and teams with rich educational management practical experience to use their innovative educational concepts and advanced educational technology to provide enterprises, institutions and individuals with high-quality education and training services that integrate theory and practice. THH Zhidao Education is committed to helping incumbents improve their thinking ability, work skills and academic background, as well as to continuously strive to improve the core competitiveness of China's business talents.

In 2017, in view of the world-leading advantages of business education in application innovation and system integrity in US, THH Zhidao Education introduced the Northcentral University (NCU) MBA degree program to China for the first time, and established the NCU Education Office of China in Wudaokou, Beijing. After two years of cultivation, the two parts have jointly trained more than 600 innovative and practical MBA talents, and delivered many outstanding alumni to well-known Chinese enterprises, such as Hongdou Group, Nantong Sanjian, Zijing Capital, Industrial Securities, Huobi, Hengchang, Mingya Insurance Brokers, and Datong Insurance, etc.

In 2019, THH Zhidao Education has launched the Doctor of Management (DM) program through jointly research and development of business courses suitable for senior talents in the Chinese workplace. The program aims to provide applied doctoral degree courses on new area such as"digital transformation, technological breakthroughs, wealth inheritance and organizational development".

During 6 years of hard work, THH Zhidao Education has always been adhering to the school spirit of "Actions speak louder than words" of Tsinghua University, abiding by the philosophy of "the best and the most perfect", and is committed to providing everyone with the opportunity to enjoy high-quality education. Facing the future, we will introduce more high-quality educational resources and work with outstanding global partners to train more outstanding talents for China.






— Introduction of Chairman —

If we say that "the essence of education is that one tree shakes another tree, one cloud pushes another cloud, and one soul calls another soul". Then, education is "the seeding business", and the mission of every educator is to sow the seeds of education. As an online higher education brand of Tsinghua holdings, Zhidao Education always takes "planting the seeds of education" as its own responsibility, puts "empowering talents" in the first place, and strives to build a lifelong education platform combining academic and practice. We hope to "teach people to fish", so that every student has the opportunity to perceive and change the world through rich knowledge and skills, and help them realize their life ideal and ultimate ambitions. "Best education, perfect experience", I hope students in the MBA and DM study, could work hard, improve themselves and return to the enterprise and society.

PhD, Chinese Academy of Sciences
MBA, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
He once served as the general manager of qingkong Sanlian venture capital (Beijing) Co., Ltd., engaged in consulting, incubation and investment in the financial field. Director of basic research department and project incubation of Internet Finance laboratory, Wudaokou School of finance, Tsinghua University, is responsible for project research and incubation in the field of Internet finance. Previously, he worked in Huawei, ZTE and Suning direct investment fund successively. He has a compound background in the field of Internet and finance. He is the high-end leading talent of Zhongguancun assessed by Beijing in 2016.
Personal honor (part): Pioneer talents of Zhongguancun Gaoju project (evaluated by Beijing in 2016)

— Introduction of Shareholders —

THH Zhidao Education is the online higher education brand of Tsinghua Holdings with the mission of “Making quality higher education more accessible to the public through innovative education technology ".

Tsinghua University founded Tsinghua Holdings Co., Ltd. ("Tsinghua Holdings") with a registered capital of 2.5 billion yuan ($395.13 million). In 2018, the company ranked No. 137 in China's Top 500 enterprises by revenue and No. 3 by R&D efforts.

Tsinghua Holdings aims to intensively participate in and contribute to the implementation of innovation-driven development strategies and the commercialization of university scientific and technological research achievements. By connecting the university with superior social resources, it is poised to become a world-leading scientific and technological innovation transformation platform, a scientific and technological innovation investment and financing supporting platform, and a state-owned capital management platform. Tsinghua Holdings’ commitment to promoting scientific and technological achievement commercialization, innovation and entrepreneurship further supports the development of Tsinghua University as well as the maintenance and value appreciation of state-owned assets.


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